About Me

Hello! My name is Ryuu. I am someone who’s just trying to live the dream of being a self-employed, freelance artist. Exploring the world of Photography is something I am extremely passionate about. I’m elated that so many people want to keep up with my work.
I am…

  • A Signed Model
  • An International Cosplayer
  • A Self-Photographer
  • A Twitch Affiliate / Gamer
  • A Product Reviewer / Advertiser
  • A Car Enthusiast
  • An Adventurous Cook

I’ve been modelling for 8 years. I definitely see myself more as a photographer than a cosplayer. Cosplay, for me, has always been about making fun or interesting photos. I had no idea cosplay was even a thing before people started calling me a cosplayer. I had to google what that was!

I currently create new costumes or character concepts twice a month, and release (2) 30 image digital sets per month. I’m also just starting to get into creating video type content. It’s a huge goal of mine to start coming out with monthly dancing videos, simple cooking instructional videos, car maintenance videos, etc. I also plan to launch an apparel line really soon!

Videography is something I am not skilled at and would need to find others who have the time to shoot. By signing up for my subscription service, you’re not only supporting the creation of photo sets. Your money will also go towards the creation of new costumes, convention trips, hiring other photographers, and help me make sure my bills are paid. Without my fellow friends and fans, I would not be able to make all the art I am so passionate about. Entertaining the masses through cosplay and modeling makes me feel alive. It’s my outlet to blow off stress and it allows me to be the creative person I have always been. It is my personal goal in life to inspire others to pursue their hobbies and dreams.

For Customer Support, please e-mail : RyuuLavitz1337@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

Costume/Prop Commission

I typically don’t offer to create entire costumes for other people as they may measure themselves incorrectly, and the person wouldn’t be there to try on the outfit throughout the creation process. Props are able to be created without this issue. The price heavily depends on what the material cost is, your deadline and how many hours would be spent on creating the prop. Please message me directly for a personal quote.

Photo Sets

Custom Photosets always start at $150.  The character must cost $75 or less to create/put together. If the character costs more than $75 to create, the price goes up to $200. If it’s a SUPER intricate costume that costs more than $150 to create, you’ll have to get a custom quote.

Social Media Advertisements

: $50 per post on Facebook and Instagram. If you’re advertising for a competition, giveaway or raffle, I can bundle post prices. 3 posts for $100.
I reserve the rights to decline advertisement post requests if I don’t find it to be an appropriate fit for my fan base.

Product Review:

I must be able to actually try the product you want me to advertise. Further compensation will be discussed, as it depends on the company/product.
I will not advertise for “Fit Teas” “Penny Click Websites” or advertise for items that I have not been shown the quality of. Being honest with my fan base about sponsored content is a 10/10 importance

Convention Appearances

$1500-2000 appearance fee (or sales guarantee), hotel room, & travel.  (Price varies depending on expected con attendance and the length of the convention.)
Appearance package includes: Running contests, weekly advertising for your event up until the event is over, hosting charity banquets, running panels (30-minute blocks at a time), entertaining / taking photos with con attendees, & hosting after-parties.

Cosplay Contests / Event Hosting (Outside of Conventions):

$100 per hour & travel compensation.

I saw you on [insert dating site] / [insert random platform], is that REALLY you?

No! I do not belong to any dating websites. If you see profiles with my photos, please report them! People use my images to catfish people often and I can’t keep track of these profiles without your help! My PSN, BattleNet, Steam, etc. are all private and I don’t add people I don’t know personally. If an account adds you that says they’re me, please report them.

Any social medias that I have, you can find here: https://linktr.ee/ryuulavitz

Easy ways to tell if you’re talking to a catfish, (someone pretending to be me):

  • They seem to have broken English, or primarily speaks Spanish.
  • They ask you to come to a private cam show (or try to lead you to some obscure website).
  • They ask you for credit card info. (My shops and websites only use Paypal and Stripe, I will NEVER ask you for credit card info.)
  • They’re posting nudes, or encouraging the exchanging of nudes.
  • They tried adding you on Facebook, PSN, etc. (I like my privacy and being able to use certain platforms without people looking to chat or play games is something I value.)
  • They ask questions that seems to be looking for EXTRA attention. IE: “Do you think I look sexy in this?” “What would you do if you walked in on me like this?”
  • They claim to live anywhere besides Boston, Massachusetts.

How tall are you? Are you Jewish? What’s your Nationality / Ethnicity?

I’m 5’5″.

I am not Jewish. My family is catholic, I think. I am personally agnostic, meaning, I know something is out there but I don’t know what. I believe in a little bit of everything. I try to be the best person I can be, and learn from my past mistakes.

I am a white mutt. Mostly Irish, Italian and Polish. But also a little german, scottish and french canadian.

Fun Fact: A member of my family had the last name “Dragone”, and I think that’s pretty cool.